Vacation in Your Bathroom – Tubgrade Your Bath

July 17th, 2017




Let’s face facts: it’s way easier to hop in the shower than it is to run a bath – but is it as fun?



The answer, in short, is no. At the end of a long day, when there’s a bit of a chill in the air, what could be nicer than slipping into a steaming tub and resting your eyes as the tranquil sounds of the water and whatever playlist you’ve chosen to accompany your soak mingle in your ears?



Of course, this level of relaxation would be impossible if, for instance, you opened your eyes and saw a big ball of drain hair floating past, a chipped floor tile, and rusting tapware.



So what can be done to make your bathroom, and your bathtub, a haven of relaxation?




Scrub the Tub

Like we said – seeing a clump of old hair floating amongst your bubbles is hardly a relaxing image. The idea of giving your bathroom a scrub before settling into the tub might not be a fun one, but it will be worth it. Focus your attention on your bathtub and soon you’ll be sitting in sparkles.

If your tub is on the older side and you find that regular cleaners aren’t doing the job, oven cleaner has been said to work wonders on age-old stains!

Sometimes no matter how hard you scrub, some marks like those caused by corrosion on your bath plug and waste just won’t shift. In that instance, you can simply reface your waste with these nifty kits from EzyFix.



Change the Fittings

Rusting or yellowing old bath taps and faucets are not a sight for sore eyes. Something as simple as investing in new taps can make an area of your bathroom that was once dingy and unloved feel brand new.

Bathroom taps aren’t the only small yet significant upgrade you can carry out. It couldn’t be easier to upgrade your old cupboard and doors handles to something more modern, funky, or whatever suits your style.



Optional Extras

Sometimes you just want a quick dip, but sometimes, you want a soak. The difference between these are all the little extras that are available. Extras such as bubble bath, bath bombs, scented candles, essential oils, and bath salts – whatever you like to make your bath something special.

If the price is not a problem, you might choose to fill your basket at shops such as Lush or The Body Shop, but for those with tighter purse strings, there are plenty of ways to create your own remedies with household items.



Creature Comforts

Remember: it’s all about comfort. Who wants to step out of a luxurious bath only to be jarred by cold, hard tile and a scratchy old dressing gown? Do yourself a favour and snap up a rug and a fluffy robe, and keep your relaxation wrapped around you for the rest of the night.



Easy on the Eyes

Maybe you don’t have the money to completely renovate your entire bathroom, or maybe you’re renting, and any renovations at all are completely out of the question. Whatever your situation, there are always little ways to make your bathroom a little bit easier on the eyes – which goes a long way to making you feel at peace.