Unique Gift Ideas for the DIY Homemaker

December 15th, 2017

Christmas is fast approaching, and we’re willing to bet that there are a fair few of you who haven’t even thought about hitting the shops yet – and it’s no wonder! Who wants to spend hours in a shopping centre with no idea what you want to buy, surrounded by hundreds and hundreds of other people who also have no idea what’s going on?

Yes, Christmas shopping is stressful – especially when you’re not sure what gift to give your loved ones. When a gift card simply won’t cut it and your intended recipients are DIY types, and insisting that they don’t want a present (even though you know that they do), how can you find something truly unique to make their Christmas special?

Well, we have opened some new ground for original DIY-approved presents! What if you could give fixtures? Showerheads, tapware, tub faucets – the sort of things one might not think to replace themselves, but that they’d be thrilled to have.

Ours are extremely easy to install, carry a no-excuses money-back guarantee (in case it’s not JUST right), and are delivered Australia-wide so you can surprise your loved ones wherever they are.

Unconventional? Indeed. Unique? Absolutely! Here we go!


Kitchen Utensils

If you’re loved one loves spending time in the kitchen, make their day with some shiny new kitchen utensils or appliances. Whether they’ve had their eyes on a Thermomix or they’ve expressed an interest in learning how to pipe the perfect cupcake, get them a gift that shows you’ve been listening.

And don’t forget – kitchen utensils are the gift that keeps on giving, as you’ll be first in line to sample any treats that get whipped up!


A DIY Hamper

If you have a significant other or a family member that just can’t stop pottering around the house, give them the gift of a personalised DIY Hamper. It couldn’t be easier – simply fill a basket with anything from Bunnings gift cards to paint samples to a new set of screwdrivers, and don’t forget to throw in some tea and chocolate for when they’ve earned a well-deserved rest.


An EzyFix Showerhead and Tap Fittings

Unconventional? Certainly. Unique? Absolutely! If you’ve never considering tap fittings and showerheads as a gift, we wouldn’t be surprised, but for a gift that is truly unique and useful, not to mention long-lasting, an EzyFix showerhead could be the perfect present.

Perhaps your bathroom has needed a revamp for a while but you never quite manage to get around to it, or maybe your family would really benefit from the addition of a hand-held showerhead to your bathroom. Whatever the reason, your family will be delighted to wake up on Christmas morning one step closer to their dream bathroom!

We have a wide range of showerheads and tap fittings available at EzyFix, and installing them couldn’t be easier!

And there you have it – three unique, thoughtful gifts that are perfect for the home maker in your life. But you’d better hurry – Christmas day is just around the corner!

To find out more about our range of showerheads, visit our website today.