The real bonus of an Original Revolution Shower

August 10th, 2015

As well as being one of the most adjustable showerheads in the world, the Original Revolution Shower offers another important feature, a 3-star water efficiency rating from the Water Efficiency Labelling Standards (WELS) scheme.

Essentially, installing an Original Revolution Shower head can save you money on your water and gas bills. When compared with a standard showerhead, it has the capacity to drastically reduce the amount you spend on utilities every year.

The standard Original Revolution shower head model comes with either a single-spray or multi-spray function. Both of these have a 3-star water efficiency rating, and use 7.5L of water per minute. Compare this to a standard showerhead – these can use anywhere between 15-25L of water per minute. According to WELS this can save the average household around 14,500L of water per year, which saves a lot of money on the water bill.

If you use gas to heat your water, it is estimated that you could reduce your gas bill by 47% over 10 years by switching to a water-efficient shower head.

And it gets better – the New Revolution Air Shower head infuses air with water to create a gentler sensation on the skin while showering. This shower head is even more water efficient at just 6L of water per minute, and comes in both the single and multi-spray models.

If you are looking for a new showerhead with great water efficiency, look to the no drilling required Revolution Shower Heads on rails.

The Original Revolution Shower head can be purchased online or at a variety of locations, and they include all the materials necessary to make the fix as well as detailed instructions to guide you along the way.