Why is my Shower Blocked Up? What’s Happening, How to Fix it, and What it’s Costing You

January 15th, 2018

Why is your shower blocked up?

Short answer: It likely has nothing to do with your shower, and everything to do with your water.


What is Hard Water?

There are two classifications of water: hard water and soft water. Soft water contains few minerals, and hard water contains many more… and these minerals can clog up your shower.

Much of Australia has hard water coming through the pipes. While hard water does carry with it slight health benefits – helping you to get your daily dose of calcium and magnesium, it can often do a lot more harm than good, especially when it comes to cleaning.


How Hard Water Clogs Your System

Whether you’re cleaning your dishes, your clothes, or yourself, hard water is sure to interfere. It can make your dishes dry with spots, your clothes feel scratchy, and leave your hair feeling dull. But one of the main areas of interference is without a doubt the bathroom. Due to the calcium and magnesium carbonates in it, hard water can play havoc with your shower heads, tapware, and drains.

How? Well, when soaps and detergents mix with the minerals in hard water, soap curd is formed. Soap curd is a sticky substance that lodges in your bathtubs, showers, and all of your water fixtures, and if it’s not taken care of, it can block your pipes and drains, leaving you with costly repairs.

And that’s not all – hard water also doesn’t react well to heat. No one enjoys the sensation of stepping into a cold shower, that’s for sure! But a steamy shower could be damaging your water fixtures even further. When hard water is heated, limescale is formed. If too much limescale builds up, your pipes become clogged and your water flow becomes significantly restricted. As a result, you’re paying full price to heat your water up and next to no water is coming out – causing your bills to rise. Add that to the cost of replacing your clogged pipes, and your bank account won’t be smiling!


What Can be Done About it?

So, what can be done? Well, you can mess around with installing a mechanical water softening unit or stocking up on water softeners that, while removing the carbonates from the water, leave you with cloudy water that could be damaging to your skin – or you could install a self-cleaning shower and have it do the work for you.

At EzyFix, our range of self-cleaning, water efficient shower heads are designed to take the stress out of living in a hard water area. Perfect for use either indoors or outdoors, the nano-barrier coating repels dirt, water stains, and soap curd, leaving you with a shower that looks brand new. And that’s just the coating. The internal self-cleaning mechanism activates automatically every time you turn off your shower, dislodging and disposing of any limescale or calcium residue that has built up. Thank to this technology, your pipes will remain clear, leaving you with powerful, pressurised water that means you’re getting your money’s worth.

Ranging from $129 to $399, each including a lifetime guarantee, our self-cleaning showers are the perfect fit for your home. To find out more, contact us today.