Selecting and installing a new shower.

October 29th, 2015

Here’s what you need to know:

Firstly the good news is that the thread coming out of your wall which your shower head screws onto is universal throughout Australia. It is known as being a half inch bsp thread. As a result all showers stocked and sold by reputable retailers and manufacturers in Australia are made with ½” bsp threads.
What this means for you: So now when it comes to selecting a shower you simply need to consider whether you wish to have a fixed height shower head OR the flexibility of a hand held shower on hose option. Hand held options are increasingly popular due to having the ability to remove the handpiece from the bracket and spray the water exactly where you need it and particularly handy when it comes to cleaning your shower cubicle out.
The downside of both these two options is that the fixed position of your shower head or handpiece is limited with the fixed height setting (ie, when you are not holding the handpiece).
Why is the fixed height important?: Simply because us humans come in all shapes and sizes and have varying preferences as to the position and flow requirements for our shower.

But here’s more good news:

To overcome this restriction in the fixed height you can select the option of having a hand held shower on rail system. This will allow for the hand piece to be slid up and down the rail to accommodate the varying height of people using the shower, adults and kids alike.
But be warned!:Most of these hand showers on rails will require you to drill into your tiles. This presents risks such as cracked tiles and burst water pipes. Also thinking long term as to when it comes time to eventually replace your hand shower on rail. If the particular model you selected is no longer available, you will be left with unsightly holes in your shower wall.

So here is the Really, Really good news!:

There is a hand shower on rail that requires no drilling, doesn’t use adhesives OR suction caps (ohhh the frustration of using suction caps in the bathroom!!). It’s an innovative Australian invention called the Revolution AIR shower by EZYFIX. The whole water supply bracket and rail fixing system is ingeniously incorporated into one. Installation is very simple as you can see for yourself by viewing the step by step instructions by clicking here. Also the really cool feature is that the rail can be alternated between an upper and lower setting so it’s guaranteed to suit all heights.

But is it a water saver?: Sure is! to cap it all off the shower also incorporates AIR technology to maximse the efficient use of water. This technology mixes water with air and makes the spray more voluminous to feel like a higher flow shower whilst still conserving water. Infact the AIR shower consumes just 6 litres of water a minute compare that with the 30 plus litres used with the old shower roses!
If you would like to know more, click here to view a short video showcasing the Revolution AIR shower by EZYFIX.