The No-Excuses Warranty on tapware YOU INSTALL – What it is, and Why No One Else is Doing It

January 15th, 2017

At EzyFix, we make tapware and showers that you can install yourself. We offer a no-excuses 5 year warranty on all of our products – even though they are customer-installed.


You’re probably thinking ‘well that sounds pretty normal’ right? Well, surprisingly, it’s not.


All other tapware manufacturers in Australia void your warranty if their products are not installed by a licensed plumber. That, and a few other things, have burned many, many customers who buy DIY tapware only to find out later that the manufacturer has ‘copped out’ of covering them.

Because of those experiences, and because our warranty is one of a kind, we get a lot of questions about exactly what it means. Well, we’re here to answer them.


Here we go!



No Excuses, 5 Year Warranty – What Does it Mean?


It means that anyone can install EZYFIX tapware as per our instructions and still be covered by our full 5 year warranty.


It ensures that you the customer are covered should anything go wrong with EZYFIX tapware – or any EZYFIX product for that matter – regardless of who installed it.


It means our tapware is easy to install and comes with complete instructions – this will not be an IKEA scenario! Also, to make sure you get the help you need, we operate a DIY helpline. You can give us a call any time to get personal, walk-through instructions on install and care for any product.


It means claiming the warranty (on the rare occasions necessary) is easy. Just contact us via the helpline or our website and we will look after you.


It means we’ll share the fine print with you right here. The finer details of the warranty, including all the wording required to comply with the minimum government regulations (which our warranty totally exceeds) can be found right here.



Why is No One Else Doing This?

As far as we can guess, other companies aren’t doing it because they just can’t depend on their products being installed correctly. The cost of failed installs and warranty cover is just too much for them to take on. Hence their rule: if it isn’t installed by a licensed plumber, your warranty is void.

At EZYFIX we saw this as unfair and to be honest a bit of a lame excuse. Effectively, it allows manufacturers to avoid their obligation to back their products and customers. That’s why we designed products guaranteed to last, and guaranteed to be easy to install and use.


And THAT’S why we introduced the only No Excuses 5 year warranty on tapware in Australia.



So What do we Stock? How can you Get it?

We deliver Australia-wide. Any Aussie can order online and have their product delivered to their door. Oh, we’re also found in Bunnings Warehouse!

Some of our popular products:

Revolution Shower Heads
Modern Tapware
Designer Bath Spouts

… the rest you can find out at!