How to Save $157 Per Year by Changing Your Shower Head – DIY Version

April 15th, 2018

Aussies are Paying Too Much for Water – Fight Back and Save with a Water Efficient Shower.

If you’ve had a bit of a grumble looking at your water bills over the last few years, it’s for good reason. They’ve been rising – and rising quickly. They’ve more than doubled since 2010, in fact.

Today, the average Aussie spends over $500 on water bills each year. That’s already a lot, but it will seem like pennies in the future because the water bill is expected to double again by 2040.

What’s a homeowner to do? Well, start saving water. Savvy homeowners who start making adjustments now will save thousands in the next 5 years alone, so we’re here to tell you the easiest way to save heaps.


The Easiest Way to Save Water – Change Your Shower Head

Don’t worry, we aren’t asking you to take 2-second showers or use ice cold water. Or to switch to a tiny trickle of a shower. Our recommendation is to invest in a good, full-streamed water efficient shower head.

The bottom line is this: If a family of two switches from a shower with a two-star WELS rating to one with a four-star WELS rating, they’ll save at least $157 each year.

Yep, the simple act of plugging a different shower into your bathroom could save you $157 every year for the foreseeable future – and all you have to do is upgrade your shower experience to a nice, inexpensive water efficient model.

How did we arrive at $157? Let’s break it down.

  • We assume an average water price of $2.99/kL (which is the national average).
  • We assume a family of two, where each person showers for 8 minutes per day.
  • We assume that this family has a shower that uses 12 litres (12L) per minute. That’s a shower with a two-star WELS rating.
  • We assume they switch to a shower that uses 6 litres (6L) per minute. That’s a shower with a four-star WELS rating.

All these figures are conservative estimates from

Got a family of four? That means you’ll save about $315 per year.

With four people showering, you save double. And remember – these estimates are based on everyone taking one 8 minute shower per day. Multiple showers (or family members who like to soak) could easily bring your savings to over $400 per year.

And that’s only at current water prices, which are expected to double in coming years!


Where to Get a Good Water Saving Shower?

Now that you know how to save that cash, we’ve got an excellent recommendation for which shower to use.

It’s one that uses less water – but still gives a strong flow and full coverage. It does this by mixing a bit of air into every drop that comes out.

It also has a 5-year warranty that is valid even if you install the shower yourself.  The DIY installation is easy, or you get your money back, and it’s guaranteed to fit your existing plumbing or your money back.

And it can found at Bunnings. Or it can be ordered online and delivered to any major city in Australia (and the metro areas surrounding major cities).

It’s our shower! The EzyFix Air Shower!

The EzyFix Air Shower

Big surprise, a bit of self-promotion. But seriously, this is a legitimate recommendation. Have a look elsewhere if you like, but you won’t find another shower with a warranty or a design this good. And we did the research for you, so we think it’s only fair we get the chance to show you our shower.

Click Here to See The EzyFix Air Shower


Good Luck, and Happy Saving!

We hope we’ve inspired you to make the switch. No matter what shower you switch to, as long as it’s above a two-star rating, you’ll probably be saving money. And with water prices going up like they are, that’s a very good thing.

If you’d like to learn more about us at EzyFix – our design, our showers, and also our tapware selection, visit us online or contact us.


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