The Hidden Catch with Tapware Warranties

February 15th, 2018

When it comes to making household appliance purchases, there are a few top-level factors that usually influence the decision to buy. These factors are slightly different for every homeowner, but in most cases, the product warranty is in that top three or four considerations.

This is especially true when it comes to DIY install furniture. And it should go double again for tapware or anything to do with plumbing. Kitchen sink taps, bathroom sink taps, and even laundry taps could cause a plumbing nightmare if the DIY install goes wrong.

That’s probably why, for 90% of tapware out there on the market, the warranty on the package is only valid if the installation was done by a licensed plumber.


The Tapware Warranty Secret

Well, we just spoiled the secret, if there was one: Tapware warranties are usually void if you do the install yourself.

It’s an Australian government regulation, so no matter the product, manufacturer or retailer, you’re faced with the same issue.

This little detail is usually listed somewhere in the fine print, but it has caught many a handyman (and tradie) by surprise.

Here’s an example from Western Australia – poor bloke installed a kitchen mixer tap that started trickling water out of the handle a year after he installed it. He went to claim his 5-year warranty but hit the brick wall of government regulation. His warranty was void, and he had no leg to stand on asking for a refund or repair.

With most tapware you’re stuck – even though the install might just require a few bolts, you’ve got to get a licensed plumber to install it in order to claim your warranty.

So, consider yourself warned.


How to Actually Get a Warranty on Your DIY Install

Little DIY problems like this were actually the inspiration for our tapware company, EzyFix.

We worked our tails off to get around them and make life easier for home handymen, and one of the things we managed to do was create a warranty that is valid even when you install yourself. This is because the installation is easy – you don’t need to alter your plumbing!

We are the only company in Australia who does this, and we offer at least a 5-year no-excuses warranty on all of our products. So although it may be self-promotional, it’s true… EzyFix is the only place you can get that warranty for DIY install tapware.

Search all you want, you won’t find that anywhere else in the country. You might run across us in your search though!

If you’d like to see what we have to offer, have a look at our products. All delivered Australia-wide and available in Bunnings.

EzyFix Products

As a side note – we also design to Australian standards, which is important if you’re worried about lead in your tap water. There have been a few recent scares across the country in which store-bought tapware was found to be leaching high levels of lead into tap water.


Good Luck With Your Projects!

Armed with this information, we hope your search for tapware goes well. And we wish you luck with all your DIY adventures! Where there’s a will, there’s a way – and a big savings!