End Guests’ Bad Shower Experiences

December 15th, 2015


Most contractors, builders, Airbnb hosts and hotel owners have heard guests complaining about poor quality showers. Whether it’s a mouldy stench rising from the drain, lack of water pressure or hot water, a bad experience can ruin a guest’s experience. Guests are able to instantly document their poor experiences on accommodation review sites, resulting in a wide range of ‘bad shower’ experiences all over the web. A recent ‘bad shower’ Tripadvisor search returned over 13 000 hits, making the topic a trending frustration for guests, builders, contractors  and owners alike.

With all of these poor reviews floating around, why do hotel owners continue to provide unsatisfactory showers and bathrooms to guests? Is the problem outdated facilities? Or the incompetence of contractors and builders? The reputation of the premise is at stake as many guests consider the shower an important part of their stay at a hotel. Bad shower reviews lead to poor review ratings.


Showering is an important port of people’s daily rituals, particularly when travelling. After a long day of sightseeing or conferences a shower is an excellent way to relax. When the shower at the hotel is not adjustable and sits at an awkward height, or has poor water pressure, it can make a noticeable difference to a traveller’s experience at your hotel. Upgrading or replacing your shower heads, or even installing great showers into a new hotel can be a great way to immediately improve your reviews on the big hotel sites like TripAdvisor or Hotels.com.

Not only can a quality shower decrease bad reviews, it can massively boost good reviews. People have a tendency to remember the best and worst things about a trip, and showers can quickly be dumped into one category or the other. Improve your showers and improve your reviews!


As a contractor, builder, AIRbnb host or hotel owner,  it is worth considering installing an EZYFIX Revolution AIR Shower. The eco-friendly EZYFIX Revolution AIR Shower allows guests to minimise water consumption and enjoy a gentler and more pleasant shower experience.

The Revolution AIR Technology infuses every drop of water with air, creating a fuller and softer spray that’s more gentle on the skin. Providing a more airy, voluminous spray than competitors, this results in a larger spray area whilst using less water than traditional shower heads.  It runs at 6L of water per minute and boasts a 3 star water efficiency rating. Some traditional shower heads can use upwards of 18L per minute!

The world’s most adjustable shower, the rail can revolve up or down for 600mm height adjustment. A common guest complaint is the inability to adjust shower height.

It also boasts an easy to clean, smooth, chrome flexible hose and a solid chrome on brass rail system. There are 5 spray patterns to choose from, and the single spray pattern will work on all water pressures. The Revolution AIR shower is extremely simple to install as it simply winds onto existing plumbing.


Read this review for yourself of a hotel shower recently, and you can see what impact a shower head can have on someone’s stay at your hotel:

“As someone who is rather tall, my biggest hate in hotel bathrooms is showers that cannot be adjusted high enough. Or even worse, the non-adjustable shower heads that come out of the wall at around shoulder height. Nothing worse than staying in a nice hotel and having to either limbo or kneel down every morning to wash my hair.
Shower pressure, shower pressure, shower pressure. A rare luxury in this age of low-flow shower heads and water restrictions to have enough water to hit more than one part of your body at a time. But I stayed at a hotel in the gloriously pre-greenie city of Dallas the other day and it was like the gods were showering rain upon me from the top of Mount Olympus.
While we’re at it, let’s have a shower head that’s actually above my head, and a glass shower screen that goes all the way around so there isn’t a cold draft.”

So there you have it – showers can make all the difference! Shop our range of water-saving shower heads online here and find out for yourself.