How to Choose Quality Tapware that will Last and Save You Money

September 15th, 2018

Selecting tapware sounds simple, but one peek down the tapware aisle at Bunnings or a quick browse online for ‘tapware’ will prove you wrong.

The selection is dizzying. The price range is ridiculous. How can one tap be $30 when another is $300? The reviews are all over the shop. And when you bring style as well as function and budget into the equation, it can all be a bit much.

We’re here to simplify this process for you.

More specifically, we’re here to help you understand how to find tapware that gets you great value, looks amazing, serves your desired function, and gives you years of use.

First Consideration: The $30 – $50 Taps

You probably know better, but they’re tempting, aren’t they?

Well, if your instinct is telling you to stay away, you’ve nailed it. Here are some reasons those taps cost what they do:

Cheap Tapware will Fall Apart (Even if it Looks Great)
The market is flooded with cheap tapware, and even if it looks great, the taps are poorly made. The handles will likely start leaking, the finish will chip or rub off easily, and you probably won’t be able to claim your warranty easily (if you get one).

Cheap Tapware can Poison You

This might sound overly dramatic, but it’s unfortunately true.

“Our data shows that new taps in Australia are generally non-compliant for lead concentrations at the time of installation and this is reflected in the elevated concentrations of lead in drinking water at kitchen taps across the country.”

That’s a quote from Paul Harvey, a researcher in the Department of Environmental Sciences at Macquarie University.

Read more about lead in tapware in this blog article.

The point is, a lot of tapware – and especially the cheap stuff – pours lead into your glass, kettle or whatever food you’re washing.

Second Consideration: How to Pick Quality Tapware

With the cheap stuff thrown out, the question becomes “how do I know what’s good?”

Luckily, the answer isn’t that tough. Look for good components, a good warranty, and you’re probably safe.

Quality Tapware Components:

  • Brass – the more pieces made of brass, the better
  • Durable Finish – A durable finish is key. Chrome is great, but there are other quality finishes in different colours and textures.
  • Internal Parts – try to make sure the internal parts can be easily replaced. Some tapware companies use cheap overseas parts that can’t be replaced… and if one piece breaks, you’ve got to throw out the whole suite.


Third Consideration: Choose a Good Supplier

In order to get good value, your tapware needs to last for years. Pick a reputable supplier who will take care of you if something goes wrong, pick up the phone when you call, and honour the warranty on the package.

If your supplier also offers related products (kitchen taps, bath taps, laundry taps, shower heads, etc.) – even better. It’s easier to source multiple pieces from the same place.

Good Luck with Your Tapware Search!

Whatever you are looking for, we hope you find it – and we hope it serves you well for many years.

If it’s quality Australian-designed tapware you’re looking for, from a supplier that puts the customer first, consider including us in your search.

Boxes That Our Tapware Ticks

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  • Easy DIY Install
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  • All products guaranteed to fit your existing plumbing
  • Lead Safe
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