10 Great Aussie inventions

January 25th, 2016

Happy Australia day !

Yes we are quite an innovative bunch of people and what better day than our national day of celebration to look back (do some google’ing) at just some of the clever creations to come out of this great southern land. Listed in chronological order starting with the oldest at number 10.

10). Didgeridoo – Believed to be anywhere up to 1500 years old and developed by Indigenous Australians the Didgeridoo was traditionally fashioned from a tree branch that had been buried near termite mounds so as to become hollowed out.

9). Refrigerator – James Harrison created the first ice making machine and refrigerator at Geelong, VIC in 1856. So be sure to say cheers to James when you grab a cold drink from the fridge!

8). Notepad – 1902 saw J.A. Birchall of Launceston, TAS glue sheets of paper together and back them with a piece of cardboard to create the world’s first notepad. Prior to this paper was only sold in loose sheets.

7). Hills Hoist – Okay so I’m sure most of you already knew this one. 1945 is when Lance Hill developed the ability to raise or lower clotheslines. The design was an improvement on the clothes line design of South Australian Gilbert Toyne in 1926.

6). Solar Hot Water – We can thank a CSIRO team lead by Roger N Morse for developing this environmentally friendly way of heating water back in 1953.

5). Black box flight recorder – In 1958, Dr David Warren of Melbourne invented what is used in just about all commercial aircraft around the world today. Recording voice and instrument data the black box has helped piece together what went wrong in many plane crashes.

4). Power Board – Although never patented by Kambrook, their employee Peter Talbot invented the multiple socket electrical power board for powering multiple devices from one power point. Developed in 1972 and now used all over the world.

3). Dual Flush toilet – 1980 saw the release of the dual flush cistern by Caroma. Their employee Bruce Thompson devised a way to save thousands of litres of precious water with the creation of a button for number ones and another larger flush for number twos!

2). WIFI – Although the wifi trademark is owned by an American company, it was the good people of the CSIRO once again who in 1992 patented a way to “unsmear” radio waves that echo off indoor surfaces.

1). Revolution Shower – Okay so we may be a little biased, but our Aussie invention comes in at #1. In 2007 the team at EZYFIX in Perth (yes us) invented the world’s most adjustable shower. This Australian patented design requires no drilling or adhesives and will suit any shower. The rail system can also rotate high or low. Guaranteed to suit people of all heights you can watch this great Australian invention in action on our short video.

To celebrate use coupon code: Aussie for $40 off a new Revolution AIR shower (ends 1st Feb 2016). Happy Australia Day! – From the team @EZYFIX.