Giving Your Bathroom a Modern Makeover

June 16th, 2016

Are you thinking of doing some serious bathroom renovations? If your bathroom is looking a little worn and old, it may be time to bring it into the 21st century with a modern makeover. If this is your first time renovating you may not know where to start when it comes to modern styles for bathrooms. That’s why EZYFIX is here to help. Here are some easy ways to add modern style to your bathroom.

Modern Tapware

Been wrestling with hard-to-turn-off taps you have to keep on spinning for a tap to stop dripping? Why not try a tap with a 3/4 turn lever which are so smooth and easy to turn off that you could even do it with your little finger! The other great thing about a ¾ turn lever is it allowed for a finer temperature control so you get the right water temperature for any activity. Plus, with no pipework required and quick and easy installation, EZYFIX modern tapware is one of the simplest ways to give your bathroom a modern makeover.

Designer Spouts

Now that you’ve taken care of the sink, it’s time to move on to the bath. Your bathroom will look instantly more elegant after adding a beautiful designer spout to your bathtub. Add a touch of the Caribbean to your tub with this chrome wall mounted bath filler. Spouting out a 125 mm sheet of water, it’s perfect for adding bubbles and adding a little luxury to bath time.

Smart Showerheads

A place where we all spend maybe a little too much time is the shower. A place to get clean and feel relaxed, nothing throws off a shower more than being pelted with water from a hard spraying showerhead. Well after a short 5 minute install time you could be enjoying the Revolution AIR shower MultiSpray Chrome. This highly adjustable shower infuses every water droplet with air making its spray soft on the skin. Bring your shower into the future with this stylish and revolutionary technology.

Selecting modern products for your bathroom renovations is a breeze with EZYFIX. Check out our full range on our website.