Wide bore 5/8″ spout adaptor (teflon and o-ring kit) [2908]

Our Products Tools and SparesWide bore 5/8″ spout adaptor (teflon and o-ring kit) [2908]
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Neither of the spout adaptors will fit over your breech piece?

This kit has been specially machined out and will adapt to the existing breech piece in your bathroom basin. Supplied with an extra thick o-ring also to ensure a water tight seal.

It screws straight into the base of our EZYFIX basin spouts.


  • Apply teflon tape to the shorter end of the threaded adaptor and screw this end into the spout.
  • Push the new spout assembly onto the existing nipple, using a small amount of soapy water or cooking oil for lubrication. Finally, tighten the new spout assembly to the sink/basin using the existing spout fixing nut
  • Turn taps on to test that the spout has sealed.
  • If the spout leaks then you will need to remove the spout and replace the o-ring on the breech piece nib with the o-ring supplied in this kit.


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