Wall tap spindle extender kit 15mm

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Wall tap spindle extender kit 15mm [EF1001].

Is your plumbing recessed too deep into the wall?

If you are unable to screw the flanges onto the thread of your new EZYFIX classic tapware then there is a good chance that it is because your plumbing is deeply recessed. Sometimes this can occur in older buildings where new adhesive has been applied on top of old rendering work, resulting in a thicker wall material being present between your tile surface and the tap seat in your walls. Our EZYFIX Classic styled tapware is supplied with black PVC thread extenders which often overcome this problem. When they don’t then this in wall tap seat and spindle extender kit will bring the tap seat 15mm out.

Whilst this kit is designed to only be used with Jumper Valve type tapware we do have another kit that can be used on ceramic disc tapware.

You can see how these ceramic disc in wall seat extensions are installed by viewing our guide here.

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