Mk2 3/4 turn lever tap cartridge suit basin/sink (Pair) [EF1010]

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Need New Cartridge for Basin or Sink Tap?

If your tap start leaking, then the first step is to remove the existing cartridge and check the tap seat. If you notice marks, cracks or pin holes then you may need to reseat your taps. This can easily be done with a tap reseater tool which are available from all leading hardware stores for around the $15 mark. Once reseated then re-install your cartridge and test for leaks.

If the tap set is still leaking then you may need to order this pair of 3/4 turn ceramic disc cartridges.

IMPORTANTLY: These are Mk2 versions which are used in the current series of EZYFIX modern lever tapware from 2014 onwards.  They can be identified by the red and blue soft rubber washers visible on the base of the cartridge. The original series had white nylon washers at the base and the two different series are not interchangeable due to a difference in the handle fixing system so it is important to order the correct series.

You can see how these ceramic disc basin or sink cartridges are installed by viewing our guide here.

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