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Upgrade your bathroom’s basin taps with our modern lever tapware.

WELS 5 Star Rating / 5.5 litres per minute / T30647 / 2830.02

Contemporary and durable tapware that’s quick and easy to install

It’s important to know that not all basin tap bodies are the same.

With all other tapware major pipe work is often required. This is because there is a variance across all the different brands that have been or are still in the market.

Our EZYFIX taps will adapt to the old and new taps manufactured by Dorf, Caroma, Irwell and even the old deep seated Donson taps to name but a few.

This is because with EZYFIX tapware no pipework is required at all, this is thanks to our innovative adaptors and extenders.

Simply unscrew your old taps and screw in our new EZYFIX taps.

EZYFIX Guaranteed to fit.

DIY Universal Retro-Fit Tapware – If you can change a tap washer, you can install EZYFIX.

This tap set is available in Chrome only, Bunnings item number 4850066

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See the installation instructions below plus view our short video guide here

    • Turn off water at mains.
    • Remove the sink/basin spout by undoing the brass or plastic spout fixing nut under your basin, then rotate and pull the spout up.
    • Remove all items on top of your sink/basin (hot and cold buttons, handles, bonnets with spindles, jumper valves and any other fixtures but not the actual tap
      bodies or water pipes).


    • First disassemble new EZYFIX taps by undoing the discreet locknut underneath the handle with EZYFIX anti-vandal spanner included.
    • Remove handle, o-ring, circlip, discreet locknut and all other components placing them down in the order removed to make reassembly easier later on.
    • Remove the tap dress flange and then the locking nut. This bit is REALLY important.
    • You should now be left with the cartridge assembly only.
    • Check the cartridge assembly against the old spindle for the correct length. Use the spindle extension to make up the difference if necessary.
    • Fit the new assembly and extension as shown in the diagram.
    • Screw the cartridge assembly into the tap body by hand until it screws up against the seat. Then use a spanner to turn it until firmly secured.


    • Fit the red fibre washer over the cartridge against the face of the tap body. Screw the locking nut on the cartridge assembly until it is firm against the body
      using a spanner to ensure the locking nut is firmly secured.
    • Screw the tap flange onto the locking nut.
    • Re-install all the handle components in the reverse order of the disassemble process.
    • Re-tighten the discreet locknut underneath the handle.


    • Look at the thread on the end of the old spout neck: pick your new nipple where the long thread is identical, and screw it onto the end of the new spout neck, using thread tape included to make a waterproof seal.


    • Push the new spout assembly onto the existing nipple, using a small amount of soapy water or cooking oil for lubrication. Finally, tighten the new spout assembly to the sink/basin using the brass or plastic spout fixing nut.
    • Turn taps off and turn the water back on at the mains.

    Are you having trouble turning the water off? It’s likely that you have missed the crucial locking nut step. View our trouble shooter video for a more detailed explanation. here 

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