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Add 40mm Waste Insert Repair Kit

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Add 50mm Waste Insert Repair Kit

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Easily adapts to any existing tapware.

WELS 5 Star rating / 5.5 litres per minute / T08788 / 2815.02

Stylish and durable tapware that’s quick and easy to install.

It’s important to know that not all tapware is interchangeable. With all other tapware major pipe work is often required to remove and replace the old tap bodies and breech piece.

However with EZYFIX tapware no pipework is required at all, this is thanks to our innovative adaptors and extenders.

Simply unscrew your old taps and screw in our new EZYFIX taps.

EZYFIX Guaranteed to fit.

DIY Universal Retro-Fit Tapware – If you can change a tap washer, you can install EZYFIX.

This tap set is also available in White and Ivory.

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  • Turn off water at mains.
  • Remove the sink spout and flange by unscrewing in an anticlockwise
  • Remove all items above the sink surface, ie. hot & cold buttons,
    handles bonnets & spindles and jumper valves.


  • Check the new spindle for the correct length by comparing it with the old spindle you removed. Use the appropriate spindle extension to make up the difference if necessary.
  • Fit the new top assembly as shown in the diagram, making sure the
    fibre washer is positioned underneath the bonnet, and the jumper
    valve is placed into position.
  • Screw the tap flange onto the bonnet.
  • You can now fit your handles and hot & cold button.
  • To install your new spout and flange simply screw onto existing
    nipple in a clockwise direction. We suggest using plumbers thread
    tape included to make a waterproof seal.
  • Turn taps off and turn the water back on at the mains.


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