Replacement Spout Locknut Conversion Kit

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Replacement Spout Locknut & Conversion Kit [2907].

Lost or broken old spout 5/8″ locknut?

This kit will adapt to the existing breech piece in your bathroom basin. It comprises of a 1/2″ spout adaptor which has had it’s internal diamter machined out so as to fit perfectly over your existing 5/8″ breech, bridging or basin tee piece. This now means you can use the supplied 1/2″ inch spoutl locknut to secure your new EZYFIX spout to the basin. Importantly a thicker o-ring is also included in the kit which we recomend you use to replace the existing o-ring on your old breech piece as it is likely to have perished over the years.

This kit therefore eliminates the need to source an old 5/8″ locknut which is great news as we have found them near on impossible to source.

This specially machined component screws straight into the base of our EZYFIX basin spouts. See below for full installaion instructions and as always if you have any questions please contact us.


  • Apply teflon tape to the shorter end of the threaded adaptor and screw this end into the spout.
  • Slide the locknut over your existing nib of your old tapwares breech piece.
  • Push the new spout assembly onto the existing nipple, using a small amount of soapy water or cooking oil for lubrication. Finally, tighten the new spout assembly to the sink/basin using the plastic spout fixing nut
  • Turn taps on to test that the spout has sealed.
  • If the spout leaks then you will need to remove the spout and replace the o-ring on the breech piece nib with the o-ring supplied in this kit.


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