Handheld EZYFIX AIR Shower Single Spray

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Looking to upgrade your hand shower only?

This AIR Shower hand piece only can easily screw into your existing shower hose.

Every droplet of water is infused with air for a luxurious spray that’s gentle on the skin. The single spray pattern model provides a continuous full face spray pattern with no gaps or hollow spots often associated with water saving shower heads.

Introducing the NEW Revolution AIR shower. The patented design of the Revolution AIR shower offers both an overhead drencher position for total coverage and a versatile lower setting for your hand held showering convenience. The AIR technology infuses evey droplet of water with air making for a fuller, softer spray that’s gentle on the skin.

Simple to install , you simply screw off your old shower and screw on your new EZYFIX Hand held AIR shower head.

With a luxurious full face spray to indulge in whilst the AIR infused water delivers you more from less meaning you can have a guilt free showering experience and not waste water. Backed by a 25 year manufacturer’s warranty the AIR shower is guaranteed to last.

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