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Sleek and majestic design set to impress

The floor mounted bath or spa filler will give a wow factor to your bathroom sanctuary. With over 240mm of reach the spout can be easily located near your island or free standing bath once your plumber has located the water supply outlet there. Importantly the EZYFIX Push-Fit system allows for an innovative push on fitting of your new spout. With the modern curved shape adding a look of luxury to your bathroom.

Push-Fit system makes for a simple install

The trouble with most floor mounted bath spouts is that they are one fixed system. This requires the spout to be spun around as it is threaded onto the plumbing pipework.

This can cause problems when the plumbing is either too close to the wall or the bath resulting in the obstruction of the spout installation process.

EZYFIX Push-Fit overcomes this problem with the ability to remove the threaded adaptor from the spout and have it installed first. The spout then simply pushes over the adaptor and is secured in place with a grub screw and allen key.

All this conveniently delivered to your door!


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