Edge Wall Mounted Spa/Bath Outlet

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Edge bath and spa outlet rounded organic shape

The Edge wall mounted bath or spa filler will give your bathroom a stylish new look. With over 190mm of reach. Providing a 120mm wide waterfall into your bath. With the modern curved shape adding a look of luxury to your bathroom.

Push-Fit system makes for a simple install

Incorporating the innovative EZYFIX Push-Fit system installation is a breeze.

Simply remove your old spout leaving just the plumbing thread sticking out of the wall. Apply thread seal teflon tape. Undo the discreet grub screw on your spout and wind it onto just the end of your plumbing thread.

Then pull the spout away from the wall leaving the adaptor on the plumbing thread. Now wind the adaptor all the way onto the plumbing thread. Push your new EZYFIX spout back on and re-tighten the grub screw.

Within minutes you can add a WOW factor to your bathroom.


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