FAQ & Troubleshoot

 You have installed EZYFIX Modern Lever 3/4 turn ceramic disc taps and the water won’t shut off?

Don’t worry this is the most common enquiry we receive via our 1300 EZYFIX diy helpline.

It often indicates that a crucial step has been missed, that is the removal of the locknut from the ceramic cartridge. See this short video below which explains why this is important.

Have you installed your bathroom basin or kitchen sink taps and the dress flanges won’t screw all the way down?

Here is a quick and simple solution to this problem.

Save hundreds of dollars with our EZYFIX Waste Insert Repair Kit. No tile smashing required.

Replacing your bath waste is a costly and messy job to under take. It involves smashing your tiles to access the locking nut beneath your bath.

You would then have to replace the existing waste and the smashed tiles. It could cost you hundreds of dollars!


The revolutionary range of inser ts that let you replace your old worn and revolting bath waste outlets with SPARKLING NEW ONES quick and EZY as 1 ,2,3

Features at a Glace

  • NO Tiles smashing required
  • Timeless, Stylish Design
  • Guaranteed to Fit

EZYFIX waste insert repair kit installation guide

How to install our Classic Wall taps

Click HERE for slideshare

Installation instruction for EZYFIX Classic Basin Set now availalble online

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Want an easy fix solution to replacing dreary-looking tap ware?

See this great article by Jessica Aquilina July 23, 2012…. website link

EzyFix has launched a range of do-it-yourself (DIY) tap ware products for homeowners who want to add the finishing touches to their bathroom, kitchen or laundry but don’t want to go through the hassle of paying a plumber.

Sales and marketing manager at EzyFix Stephen Quinn said the products were developed to be installed by a household handy man or woman.

“We have designed our products so that anyone can successfully install new tap ware within a matter of minutes,” he said.

“The tap ware has interchangeable adaptors and fittings which can adapt to any existing plumbing structure.

“If people get stuck there are clear instructions with pictures to show how to install the tap ware. These instructions can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, via our website.

“If you are still unsure, we have a DIY helpline available for people to chat to a real person who will talk you through the procedure.”

Mr Quinn said EzyFix could save you more than $400 in plumbing bills.

“I have called plumbers from different states and asked them how much it would cost to do the simple job of changing tap ware and I was told prices ranged from $400 to $600,” he said.

The tap ware kits come in two styles including classic tap ware and modern lever tap ware.

Mr Quinn said designs were developed to suit all bathrooms.

“The classic tap ware offers a timeless appearance whereas the modern tap ware is made from chrome and it has that modern look about it,” he said.

EzyFix has also developed an adjustable shower head called the Revolution Shower which requires no drilling, adhesives or suction caps to install it.
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“Simply wind off your old shower head and apply some thread tape and wind on the Revolution Shower,” Mr Quinn said.

The shower head is available in single or a multi spray option.

EzyFix guarantees five years warranty on products and are available through Bunnings Warehouse or Masters Home Improvement store.

Void Warranty if not installed by a plumber?? If only they knew about EZYFIX Tapware.

Whilst surfing the net recently we came across this forum where a customer was voicing their frustration at another manufacturer voiding their new tap warranty because it had not been installed by a plumber.See the link below.


We reckon this is the biggest cop out! That’s why we designed our EZYFIX products to be installed by anyone, no plumber required and importantly we will still back you up with a warranty for five years! See this link for our full warranty statement.

EZYFIX Warranty

EZYFIX Tapware – Guaranteed to fit any existing plumbing.

 Frequently asked questions

Q: My new flanges will not screw all the way down?
A: Undo the tap body locknut above the basin. Gently push assembly down and re-tighten locknut beneath the basin.

Q: Water is leaking from under my spout?
A: You need to replace the o-rings on your breech. We supply these with all basin sets.

Q: I have replaced the o-rings and it is still leaking?
A: Call us. We have extra thick o-rings we can post out.

Q: I cannot screw the wall flanges onto the spindles?
A: You can pack extra fibre washers on the bottom of the spindle to bring your spindle out further from the wall or purchase some pvc spindle extensions.

Q: I still cannot screw the wall flanges onto the spindles?
A: You MAY need to purchase a set of brass spindle extensions.

Q: I have replaced my taps and they are still leaking?
A: You MAY need to purchase a re-seating kit.