What Makes EzyFix So Different? We Asked the Guy Who’s Been Working With us the Longest.

December 20th, 2016

At EzyFix, we are firm believers that not every shower head, not every tap, not every bath spout, and not even every drain cover is created equal. That’s why we design our own products, spearhead the DIY revolution in tapware, and give money-back guarantees even on products that have to interact with the plumbing in homes across Australia (which is definitely not all created equal!).

But getting across all these differences to new customers – and having people believe us – can be tricky in an industry where the basic function of the product set (showers, taps, bath spouts, etc.) hasn’t changed a whole lot over the years, and the service delivery yields mixed results (tapware that doesn’t fit your plumbing, questions that go unanswered, warranties that cannot be easily claimed, and so on).

So how best to communicate what makes your company and products different? Talk to the guy who has been working with them since the beginning and has 35 years’ experience in tapware manufacture, of course!

We asked Bryan, our longest serving team member, and the guy on the other end of our DIY helpline when you ring, the big questions.
What do you do differently than your competition? Why do you do things differently?
Bryan: With the extensive industry knowledge and experience within our company we have learnt the frustrations experienced by consumers and developed products that overcome them.
Also our experience as both an Australian designer and manufacturer of product not just an importer, helps to set our product apart in terms of quality and functionality from cheap copies.

Are these differences your unique selling points? What are your unique selling points?
Bryan: Yes, our tapware is the only range on the Australian market guaranteed to fit any existing plumbing which is our key unique selling point. Others include our DIY helpline, again an industry first, and our No Excuses 5 Year Warranty (check it out here). All other tapware warranty is void unless you use a plumber. We still back you when you DIY.

What do you love about your business?
Bryan: Our ability to surprise people with our level of service. We usually respond within the hour to emails or messages and calls for help for our after sales service. People really appreciate it.

What do you really want your customers to know about your business?
Bryan: That they can trust our products to work. They have done for over 15 years Australia wide.
What? You want to know more?

Well, if Bryan hasn’t answered your burning questions, visit our website or give us a call. You might want to know a few things about our actual products for example…