Tapware that Actually Fits!

July 15th, 2016

Imagine your frustration when you finally get home after spending hours at your local home improvement warehouse trying to find the perfect tap, only to find out it doesn’t fit your existing plumbing! Not only was all the time choosing and selecting all for nothing, you then need to run around town trying to find the extra parts you need to make your new taps fit or find entirely new taps altogether.

The EZYFIX Difference

If you want to avoid the headaches of ill-fitting taps, you need tapware guaranteed to fit any existing plumbing in your home. That’s where EZYFIX comes in: EZYFIX tapware is the only tapware range in the Australian market guaranteed to fit your plumbing. EZYFIX taps will adapt to taps old and new, including those manufactured by Dorf, Caroma, Irwell and Donson to name a few.

The difference is in our special adaptors and extenders, which are only supplied with EZYFIX. Our Modern Lever Range really shines with its universal fit design. Not only does it have a stylish, contemporary look, but there is no pipework required- as is the case with most other tapware brands. Plus we have our 1300EZYFIX Helpline should you experience any challenges.

EZYFIX has been sold nationwide for over a decade through Bunnings warehouse where you will still find them today, however beware of cheap imitation home brands!

on pack labels only supplied with EZYFIX

Convenience Delivered Straight to your Door

The best part about an EZYFIX tapware solution is how quick and, well, easy it is! You can explore our complete tapware range and order your dream taps from our website and you’ll have them delivered straight to your doorstep. Installation is simple: just unscrew your old taps and screw in your new EZYFIX taps – how’s that for easy?

Don’t waste time with an inferior brand that may or may not fit. Order your tapware today from our website. When choosing new tapware, it’s easy to get distracted by appearances, and forget to focus on functionality. EzyFix ticks all the boxes. Sleek, modern designs, a great price, and a guaranteed fit all backed by our No Excuses 5 Year Warranty.